Becoming worthy of sub

In my younger years I had a sub that loved Fireplay but wouldn't put the flames in her mouth. I told her many times that fire wouldn't burn her and I even demonstrated it a few times but no matter what I did she wouldn't budge.

So I thought about it for a while and then I realized that it wasn't the words that I said that she didn't believe or even her fear of the fire... it was that she didn't trust me. So I made a private, personal packed with my self to become a better dominant and intern a better man.

From then on I dedicated myself to becoming more consistent, patient, affectionate, dependable, loyal and reliable. In essence I wanted to be more than an authoritarian or a boy friend... I wanted to be some one she could trust.

Then one night before a show she said that no man had tried to improve themselves so that they could be a better man to her and that night she / we tasted the flame. I was wondering if anyone else had a land mark moment in there D/s life that they would like to share with the group....?

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