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So I'm familiar as to how subs cater to/serve their DOMs but I'd like to know how the DOMs cater to their subs... How do you make it worth it for a sub to want to serve you?

The Erotic Art of Fire Cupping... How it works and how it can work for you.

Why is it ok for Dom's to have several subs but somewhat frowned upon for a sub to have several Dom's?

Do you Agree or Disagree with this statement and why?... THE DOMINANT does not seek to change His submissive into what he wants - but revels in the chance to show her what she can become. He enjoys showing her those strengths she already possesses, and guides her only helping her to grow into the person she wishes to be. He coaxes her into finding her own path, but never states outright what that path should be. Once found, He will keep her to her task, gently pushing her to become the woman He knows she can be.

What kind of tie did you use in this picture and how long did it take?

How do you handle a break up within a poly family and should the person that is being released be completely ostracized from all members of the family?

How to get started in the Fetish / BDSM lifestyle?

Going back to Cali

Follow up questions for, "What kind of sub am I?"

What kind of sub am I?

Can protecting my heart have a negative effect on a my relationship?