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Haiku ~ Binding Pain

Haiku ~ The Pillow Book

Ask Orpheus Black: Ask Orpheus Black: Poly Vs Non Monogamy

Question: I am having a problem creating my own poly dynamic. Do you have any advice on the best way to go about it?

Making the Change; The Philosophy of Poly

The question is,"None-Monogamy! Is it Poly or Propaganda?"

The modern sub personality.

Q. If I ask one Dominant what they think a sub is they will give me one definition. And if I ask another Dominant, he will give me another definition. And the definitions vary so wildly that I can’t find myself reflected in them. Can you give me a better idea of what a sub is?

Q: My guy is a Marine, basically a trained killer for the Unites States, so I have to stay totally connected with him even when we fuck like wild dogs so that he doesn't choke me to death! You got any tips for me?

I am trying to compromise between breath play and asphyxiation with my dominant because he prefers the former and I the latter. I would say we're a work in progress and that I am unwisely letting my frustration get the better of me. What do you think?