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"How much improvisation goes into your play?"

Is it true that a slave has no rights but a submissive does?

“I want to use a fire whip in a scene in order to throw fire balls at my sub. What fuel should I use?”

How important is fluid bonding in polyamory ?

Is it true that a D type can have a slave and a sub and Not be considered Poly?

Is there any thing that I can do to help inspire team work and camaraderie in my poly dynamic.

Can kids of poly families be took just because they are poly?

How much input should an s/type have when it comes to whom the D/type chooses to add in your play?

Does a person have to have someone in there life in order to come into this lifestyle?

Do you feel that the house income an expenses should be the sole responsibility of the head of the house (The D/type) or are you of the belief that two or more incomes are better than one?

What do you think about Religious Play?

What if any impact does one's culture have on their ability to dominate or submit?

Does submission and obedience go hand in hand? Why or why not?

What's the easiest way to introduce my Dom side in my vanilla relationship?

Clothes Pens on My Nipples, Yikes! My Sir likes clothes pens on my nipple but I tried them and I almost fainted and it brought me to tears. You got any tips for me?

Orpheus, please elaborate on ways to work with subs who have trauma issues?

What are your thoughts on an s/type who says he/she is a masochist yet as soon as you touch them with a cane or whip they tap out?