The Erotic Art of Fire Cupping... How it works and how it can work for you.

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Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; using cups, bowls, bells or horns to draws the blood into a localized area. This suction is said to improve muscle health, which relieves muscular tension and lessons pain. Cupping is also said to, "Improve general well-being by stimulating Qi in the body."
The sensation caused by fire cupping can vary widely from a gentle suction to an enormous localized pressure. The level of intensity is largely based on the size and shape of the cup. Larger cups are able to create more suction because a larger cup has more air to evacuate. Many people prefer the larger cups because the constant pressure is spread out over a wider diameter which lessons the intensity. On the other hand smaller cups produce less pressure because it has less air to evacuate but can still produce very intense sensation. The reason for this is the vacuum is focused on a smaller area which some say produces a sharper or more intense sensation. 

An easy way of understanding this concept is to "firmly" pinch a larger area of the body and then release. Then "lightly" pinch a smaller portion of the same area. You will notice a difference in the sensation that are produced. Cup sizes range from 1.5" to 3" diameters and everything in between.
Orpheus Black, Fire Play, Cupping, Horns, Fetish, BDSM, Shibari, KinkIn addition to the size and shape of the cups, the method in which air is evacuated form the cups also determines the intensity of the suction. In BDSM the 2 methods are;

1. Wet: Using a flammable liquid to insert inside the cup that evacuates the air.

2. Dry: Burning an combustible item such as a small piece of paper or cotton ball inside the cup which creates the vacuum inside the causing the suction.

The thing to remember is the more air you remove from the cup, the more intense the suction becomes. That being said, the level of intensity and the size of the cup often determines where the cup is placed.
When we are using fire cups in an erotic setting, we are specifically trying to bring additional blood to the erogenous areas such as the;

> Nipples, Breasts, Pectoral 
> Buttocks
> Inner Thighs 
> Clitoris

The purpose of using fire cups is to increase blood flow to specific areas in order to make them more sensitive to the touch. In some cases this can heighten pleasure for those that are seeking that path or localize and intensify the pain if that is what is being sought.
It is my opinion, that if done correctly, fire cupping can be an effective tool that Sex Therapists, Counselors and Alternative Lifestyle Advocates can use on clients that suffer from nerve and muscular damage that affects intimacy and sexual interaction.
By engorging the erogenous areas of the body and the surrounding musculature we are increasing blood flow and stimulating the nervous system which can increase.

> Sensitivity
> Reduce numbness 
> Increase positional awareness
While cupping is not meant to be a cure for all that ails you it is a great tool to help spice up your sex life and can dramatically change the way you view intimacy.

On May 25th I will be teaching a class on Bondage and Fire Play that will lightly touch on the art of cupping. The class will be held at Sanctuary LAX Studios at 2 pm. For more information email me at or leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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