My rant for the day:

The best definition for sex that I have ever heard came from the immortal Mae West when she said, “Sex is emotion in motion.” Why is this explanation so much more comprehensive than all the others? Because it includes the emotional component which we all know exists and yet few are willing to admit is there.

To me, sex differs from penetrative intercourse do to the fact that intercourse is the physical reenactment of reproduction for the sole purpose of physical pleasure. But this isn’t sex because intercourse focuses solely on ones own subjective physical experience and not the mutual or shared experience that is inherent to sex.

Sex also differs from sexuality in that sexuality is a psychosexual exchange between one’s mind and their environment. Sexuality in essence is our intimate identity. Its a ever changing... ever evolving label that we project into the world in the hope of attracting others to us, and in some sense, driving others away. But sexuality is a one dimensional and directional expression of the ego and not the authentic self.

Sex, when its absolutely authentic, is a raw non-verbal conveyance of one’s emotional state of being. A state that can take on many different forms and be expressed in a multitude of ways because sex is an exchange between self and other. Its an energetic exchange between the psychic self and the tangible world. This is why we can feel sex through more than just the body. It can transcend many different mediums. like music and movies. We can feel sex in the written word or a spoken dialect. Sex can be perceived in a sculpture or painting. In a dance or in a photo. While sex can be conveyed through touch, sex is not about what is felt; sex is a direct expression of how we feel in any and every moment.

So what does this mean. To truly make love, one must be able to physically, psychologically and emotionally express ones-self in order for it to be an authentic expression of self.

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